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Applications and Benefits of Mixed Material Fabrication

Mixed material or multi-material fabrication combines different materials to create a single, integrated product with unique properties. It aims to leverage the strengths of each material while compensating for their individual weaknesses. This results in a final product with enhanced characteristics that are impossible to achieve with a single material. Because of its benefit, this innovative solution has become a sought-after technique for businesses looking to improve their products’ performance, customization, and efficiency.

At Aubright, we understand that turning your product vision into reality requires a partner with comprehensive capabilities and a commitment to excellence. We offer a diverse range of highly specialized products, catering to both large-scale industrial needs and intricate small-scale requirements.

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing can be utilized to create metal-plastic hybrid structures. This process involves depositing metal and plastic materials layer by layer to build a three-dimensional object. Techniques such as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) can be adapted to deposit both metal and plastic materials, creating intricate hybrid parts.

The Benefits of Mixed Material Fabrication

Integrating metal and plastic materials in fabrication offers various advantages, including:

1. Enhanced Structural Integrity

By combining metal’s strength with plastic’s flexibility, structures can become both sturdy and resilient. This is particularly useful in applications where the structure needs to withstand a certain degree of force or impact without breaking or deforming.

2. Weight Reduction

Plastic is generally lighter than metal, so using plastic in areas where weight is a concern can help reduce a structure’s overall weight without compromising its integrity. This can be particularly advantageous in industries such as aerospace or automotive, where reducing weight can lead to improved fuel efficiency or performance.

3. Cost-Effective Solutions

Utilizing both metal and plastic materials in fabrication can lead to cost-effective solutions. Plastic components are often cheaper to produce than their metal counterparts, primarily due to the lower cost of raw materials and the ease of manufacturing plastic parts. This cost differential can be significant, especially in high-volume production.

4. Design Flexibility

Plastic materials can be molded into complex shapes that are difficult or impossible to achieve with metal alone. By integrating plastic materials into a metal component, manufacturers have more flexibility in creating innovative and efficient designs.

5. Corrosion Resistance

Metal components are susceptible to corrosion, but integrating plastic materials can provide a protective barrier that helps prevent rusting. This can extend the lifespan of the component and reduce maintenance costs.

Mixed Material Fabrication Applications in Key Industries

Mixed material fabrication finds diverse applications across sectors, offering tailored solutions to meet specific needs. Here are its notable uses:

  • Automotive: Metal alloys and plastic combinations are used for lightweight engine parts, interior panels, and body structures.
  • Aerospace: Metal and plastic fabrication are utilized for aircraft components such as wing structures, fuselage panels, and landing gear.
  • Medical devices: The combination of plastic and metal assists in the production of medical implants, prosthetics, and specialized surgical instruments.
  • Consumer electronics: Metal-plastic combinations can be found in casings, frames, and structural components of smartphones, laptops, and electronic gadgets.
  • Construction: Metal and plastic fabrication can help create components such as structural beams, pipes, and cladding.
  • Packaging: Metal and plastic combination fabrication can create innovative packaging solutions, including closures, caps, and packaging trays.
  • Marine: Metal and plastic are commonly combined to construct marine components like boat hulls, propellers, and offshore structures.

A Look at Aubright’s Fabrication Expertise

Aubright is one of America’s premier custom sheet plastic fabrication companies. We manufacture highly specialized products that cater to the unique needs of businesses and industries. Here is a glimpse into our capabilities:

Comprehensive Consulting and Design Services

Our process always begins with a thorough understanding of your vision. Aubright’s consulting and design services encompass project management, materials selection, and expert support to ensure exceptional results. We collaborate with you to clarify your ideas and set the foundation for successful fabrication.

Precision Engineering

Success is rooted in meticulous planning and problem-solving. Our engineering capabilities ensure the most efficient processes for your project. We navigate complexities with precision, guaranteeing that your fabrication journey is streamlined and optimized.


Before moving to full-scale production, we create robust prototypes. These models inform better outcomes regarding reliability, performance, and costs. They also provide a tangible preview of your envisioned product.

CNC Machining

Aubright’s CNC machining capabilities ensure precision and consistency in every component we fabricate. Our broad array of CNC machining technologies, including cutting and routing, enables large-volume production with fast turnarounds.

Specialized Forming Techniques

Whether your project requires large or small format solutions, our specialized forming techniques are delivered with speed and precision. We bring versatility to your fabrication needs, from drape forming to vacuum forming.


Aubright provides printing services in either large or small formats, utilizing screen technologies. We offer printing on various materials and employ both conventional and UV coatings for enhanced results.

Fabrication and Assembly

Our expertise extends to exceptional results in fabrication processes. From intricate processes to large-scale operations, we ensure that your product is fabricated precisely and assembled to perfection. Our comprehensive assembly services include hardware installation, windshield trim, stapling, rivets, threaded inserts, electronics, and more.

Fulfillment Services

Aubright takes care of the entire process, from packaging to logistics. Our fulfillment services are designed to minimize your costs, save time, and eliminate hassles. We prioritize efficiency to ensure your products reach their destination seamlessly.

Choose Aubright for Innovative Fabrication Solutions

If you need a trusted partner in fabrication, look no further than Aubright! Our ISO 9001:2008-certified facilities are designed to meet your exacting needs. We specialize in tailoring solutions for small and large projects, from OEM components to retail displays and recreational product parts. We also stand out in addressing novel or unconventional fabrication requirements with our in-house design and engineering experts.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our offerings!