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What Is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid prototyping refers to various manufacturing processes used to quickly transform digital designs into physical models. Industry professionals typically employ 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) models and advanced manufacturing methods like 3D printing to ensure reliable, cost-effective, and streamlined product development.

Compared to conventional manufacturing techniques that remove excess material (e.g. machining) or join materials together (e.g. welding), rapid prototyping heats, melts, and extrudes specialized materials to produce pieces layer by layer. These specialized materials typically include photopolymers, metals, or thermoplastics.

Our 3D Printer for Rapid Prototyping

Aubright relies on the Modix BIG-120X 3D printer for plastic rapid prototyping. It offers the following specifications and features:


  • Maximum print volume: 1,200 x 600 x 640 mm (XYZ)
  • Machine size: 1,556 x 1,060 x 1,430 mm (WxDxH)
  • Large format capabilities: This allows the Modix BIG-120X printer to print larger components compared to standard 3D printers
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM): The Modix BIG-120X uses FDM technology to create plastic prototypes. As on of the fastest methods of prototyping, this process extrudes and deposits plastic materials layer by layer until the finished product is formed.

Benefits of 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping

Aubright’s ability to 3D print prototypes allows designers, engineers, and clients to inspect their designs and make revisions before moving on to mass production. Rapid prototyping can provide several benefits to the design and manufacturing process, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Visualization
  • Clear Communication
  • Speed
  • Minimizing Risk and Flaws

These benefits ensure streamlined product development, allowing manufacturers to design and develop finished products with a faster time to market.

Prototyping From Aubright

Rapid prototyping enables the quick production of prospective products, allowing manufacturers to inspect, revices, and test their concepts before mass production. At Aubright, our 3D printing and other prototyping capabilities allow us to deliver the prototypes you need, when you need them. To learn more about our in-house prototyping services, contact us today.