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Acrylic Laser Cutting & Laser Engraving Services

Benefits of Our Laser Cutting Services

Customers depend on our precision laser-cut acrylic components for specialty displays, graphics, and other uses. The benefits of our particular acrylic cutting and engraving procedures include:

  • Rapid cutting and etching
  • Polished edges
  • Ultra-tight registration of on-screen/digital printed parts using a camera eye-fitted laser
  • The ability to cut/engrave wood (depending on the part’s geometry)
  • Laser cutting and engraving on acrylic up to 1+ inches thick

Aubright also delivers exceptional customer experience, quality, and lead times well beyond our competitors.



Types of Acrylic We Can Engrave Or Cut With Our Laser

There are two types of acrylics suitable for laser cutting acrylic:

Laser Cutting

  • Cast Acrylic: Cast acrylic is made from liquid acrylic formed into different mold shapes and sizes. It’s ideal for engraving because cast acrylic produces a “frosted” white color when engraved.
  • Extruded Acrylic: Extruded acrylic is a very popular option, and it’s formed through much higher-volume manufacturing processes. It’s generally less expensive than cast acrylic. Laser-cutting extruded acrylic provides a clean, smooth cut that leaves a flame-polished edge. When engraved, extruded acrylic creates a clear engraving and lacks the frosty appearance of cast acrylic.

Contact Aubright For Your Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving Needs

At Aubright, we are proud of our 30 years of leadership in the acrylic laser cutting and engraving industry, and we’re standing by to fulfill your acrylic cutting or engraving needs. Call us at 320-828-4035 or contact us online to tell us about your acrylic laser cutting project.