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Plastic Fabrication Services For The Powersports Industry

Products for the powersports industry must balance rugged functionality with a sleek and attractive appearance. Aubright has over 30 years of experience meeting these needs. Our powersports fabrication and assembly services combine superior technology with exceptional craftsmanship to meet this industry’s exacting requirements.

Whether you need a unique OEM component or a durable recreational product part, our ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities can create a customized solution. Our flexible workflow configurations and advanced machining technologies allow us to deliver high production throughput along with unrivaled aesthetics and functionality.

Capabilities We Offer to the Powersports Industry

Our solutions for the powersports industry begin with expert concept design services and extend to a full range of manufacturing options.

  • Engineering. Our expert engineers turn your approved design concept into a successful finished product that meets all of your requirements. We work closely with our customers to develop an individualized fabrication process that adheres to your budget and fulfillment needs.
  • Drape forming. If your product design features a gradual bend or curve, our drape forming services create accurate components of all sizes and are backed by nearly three decades of experience. Also known as oven forming, this technique can create windshields or guards for recreational equipment as well as many other components of various sizes.
  • Vacuum forming. Vacuum forming is a highly effective technique for fabricating highly detailed, complex, or elaborate plastic components. Aubright handles both large and small projects, for hundreds of applications, including ATV roofs, gas tank shields, trailer tubs, and more.
  • Screen printing. Branding images convey your business’s identity and are an essential aspect of many products for the powersports industry. Aubright’s large, medium, and small format screen printing presses deliver crisp, high-quality images and vibrant, precision-matched colors. We can print onto many materials and offer both conventional and UV coatings.
  • 3-Axis and 5-axis CNC routing. When speed is one of your top concerns, our state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment creates precise components quickly and accurately while minimizing production costs.
  • Press brake. Our 135-ton capacity press brake technology effectively bends plastic for a range of powersports applications.

Aubright supplies a diverse range of powersports products, including:

  • ATV plastics
  • ATV, UTV, boat, motorcycle, and snowmobile windshields
  • Boat brackets, shelving, and vents
  • Cup holders
  • Dashboards and consoles
  • Door assemblies
  • Hatch doors
  • Rod racks, cleaning boards, rod lockers, livewell dividers, and other marine items
  • Plastic tabletops
  • Skid plates
  • Internal and external body panels

When you choose Aubright for your fabrication services, you can expect a superior experience throughout every stage of the process. From a product’s initial design stage to manufacturing and fulfillment, our goal is to offer an experience as refined as the high-end products we offer. We can help you adapt to changing market needs and accelerate your business while satisfying your customers.

Aubright offers unique benefits for plastic fabrication, including:

  • The fastest speed to market among all of our competitors
  • A full range of capabilities, including consulting and design, prototyping, 3D printing, engineering, fabrication, and fulfillment services
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility and headquarters in St. Cloud, MN
  • Cost savings for projects involving reverse engineering, tight tolerances, and PPAP

Our powersports product solutions meet the needs of OEMs, resellers, commercial end-users, and more.

Plastic Fabrication Services from Aubright

Aubright serves the powersports industry with expertly crafted, reliable products. Whether you’re looking to develop a prototype or obtain a large production run of a complex component, our team is ready to meet your needs with a fast and cost-effective solution. To learn more about our powersports products, contact us today by calling (320) 828-4035.