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Consulting & Design

Plastic Fabrication Design – Ensuring Feasible, Functional, Attractive Results

A component part for your manufacturing process. A unique product for your consumer market. An eye-catching display system driving results for your retail stores. Turn to us to help you design and create exactly what you need with maximum quality and cost-effectiveness.

Consulting & Design

  • Clear picture of depth and size through 3-D modeling
  • Life-like renderings with color, “props” and visual enhancements
  • Flexibility to work with a design you provide or start from scratch

Project Management – Driving Efficient Service and Ideal Outcomes

Beyond proactive engineering support, meticulous Project Management is essential to your overall success and satisfaction.

Your Aubright cross-functional project management team brings a blend of knowledge, experience and resources to guide your project smoothly from start to finish. Every detail and requirement is addressed, fine-tuned and documented for you, providing:

  • The right resources at all stages
  • Maximum production efficiency
  • Accurate, timely, ongoing updates driven by our custom tracking software

Materials Selection – Minimizing Costs and Maximizing Performance

Selecting the right plastic material for your product can dramatically improve your results.

Given the wide variety of plastic materials available, you can turn to the in-house materials experts at Aubright for help to determine the best materials for your application and manufacturing process. Plus, because of our large-volume purchasing and established relationships with industry leading suppliers, we can obtain the materials you need at competitive pricing when you need them.

Consulting & Design