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The Industry - Retail

Delivering a Knockout Design in a Fiercely Competitive Market

The Situation

In the fiercely competitive headphone market, point-of-purchase displays play a key role in retail sales. So when a headphone manufacturer introduced a new product line, it needed a display to stop potential buyers in their tracks and drive them to action. With time running out before the holidays, the headphone manufacturer sought a company with the capabilities to engineer not just a display, but a show-stopping experience – while also ensuring the display’s arrival in stores nationwide with room to spare.

The Solution

Leveraging its deep knowledge of P-O-P displays and extensive capabilities that cover every aspect of the process from design through fulfillment, Aubright developed an audio-visual extravaganza. Combining the best of audio, video, materials, light and graphics, the display hit the mark by drawing attention to the new headphones at the point of sale and driving up demand across the entire sales distribution network.