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Case Study: Preventing Retail Security Theft

Protecting retail establishments from security theft is critical to safeguarding assets and maintaining customer trust. Custom plastic and metal manufacturing companies provide specialized security solutions tailored to each retailer’s needs. They mainly focus on developing cutting-edge technologies and products designed to deter theft and enhance security measures within retail environments.

At Northern Metal Products & Aubright, we deliver tailored fabrication solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients across various industries. With a focus on precision engineering and quality craftsmanship, we produce custom metal and plastic components that exceed industry standards. We also collaborate closely with clients to understand their requirements and deliver solutions that optimize performance.

Problem: Common Retail Security Theft Challenges

Retail security theft poses significant business challenges, often resulting in financial losses and operational disruptions. One prevalent issue is shoplifting, where individuals unlawfully take merchandise without payment. Shoplifting can occur through various methods, including concealing items on a person or in bags, distracting employees, or exploiting vulnerabilities in in-store layouts.

Additionally, organized retail crime (ORC) presents a substantial challenge, involving coordinated efforts by groups to steal large quantities of merchandise for resale or other illicit purposes. ORC groups may employ sophisticated tactics, such as theft rings targeting multiple stores or using counterfeit currency to make purchases.

Another common challenge in retail security theft is employee theft, where staff members engage in fraud to steal merchandise or funds from their employer. Employee theft can take various forms, such as under-ringing items at the checkout, falsifying returns for personal gain, or pilfering inventory from the backroom.

Solution: Comprehensive Security System at Northern Metal Products & Aubright

From initial design to final assembly, our team closely monitored every stage to guarantee that the highest quality and performance standards were met. Moreover, we achieved a turnaround time of less than 8 weeks without compromising quality or precision.

Here are the specific products that we created for the client:

Headphone/Earbud Display

The live product display is an effective retail security theft prevention assembly. This innovative assembly serves a dual purpose: showcasing merchandise attractively while deterring theft through its design features. The display typically consists of a transparent acrylic or polycarbonate enclosure that allows customers to view and interact with the headphones while preventing unauthorized access.

Furthermore, the design integrates advanced locking mechanisms and secure mounting points to prevent removal or tampering. The blend of metal and plastic components ensures the structure is robust and durable, capable of withstanding frequent customer interactions. This comprehensive approach enhances the display’s security and maintains an inviting and user-friendly experience for potential buyers.

Controller Wedge

The Controller Wedge functions as a discreet yet formidable barrier against unauthorized access to merchandise. Its design features an integrated locking mechanism that securely fastens to the surface on which it is placed, effectively immobilizing the targeted items. The wedge-shaped profile of the device serves a dual purpose: not only does it physically block access to the merchandise, but it also serves as a visual cue to potential thieves, signaling that the items are under heightened security measures.

Drone Tray

The drone tray concept integrates technology with practical functionality to enhance surveillance and deterrence in retail environments. Essentially, the drone tray comprises a compact, discreet tray unit installed strategically throughout a store, equipped with a small drone capable of autonomous flight. When triggered by suspicious activity or alarms, the drone is deployed swiftly to investigate the area, providing real-time video feeds to security personnel and enabling rapid response to potential threats.

Ear Bud Case

The earbud case, typically a small and portable item, presents a unique challenge for retailers due to its susceptibility to theft. To address this issue, a conceptual rendering could depict an earbud case equipped with integrated security features to deter theft and facilitate easy monitoring by store personnel. One design concept incorporated a built-in alarm system triggered by unauthorized removal from a designated area within the store.

Lozier Fully Enclosed

Conceptual renderings of fully enclosed Lozier assemblies represent a promising approach to bolstering retail security and deterring theft. These assemblies are designed to provide a physical barrier between merchandise and potential thieves, enhancing the protection of valuable inventory. The fully enclosed nature of the assemblies restricts unauthorized access, making it more difficult for individuals to pilfer items without detection.

Step Riser and Locking Cabinet

The Step Riser is a physical barrier near high-value merchandise displays or vulnerable areas within a store. Its design incorporates a raised platform with integrated sensors and alarms to detect and deter unauthorized access. Creating a visible obstacle effectively limits potential thieves’ ease of access, discouraging theft attempts and increasing the likelihood of detection. It can also be customized to blend seamlessly with store aesthetics while maintaining durability and functionality.

Another essential component of retail security theft prevention is the Locking Cabinet, a secure storage solution for valuable merchandise and items. It features robust construction with tamper-resistant locks and reinforced panels to prevent forced entry. Its modular design allows for easy integration into existing store fixtures, such as shelving units or display cases, while providing flexibility in configuration to accommodate various storage needs.

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